Wallpapers are subject to minor variations in tone between batches so we recommend that you always buy rolls for any given project from the same batch number to ensure consistency.

Detailed hanging instructions are printed on the back of the label inserts that come with each roll of Beware the Moon wallpaper.  They are ‘paste the wall’ products, meaning that the installer should paste the wall and not the back of the wall covering.  We recommend a premium quality tub adhesive or equivalent good quality, solvent free, fungicide protected light grade adhesive – available as standard from all good decorators merchants.  Self-mix adhesive, or heavy duty all-purpose pastes are not suitable.

Our She and 3-D Foil wallpapers require an alkaline-resistant primer before hanging, to protect the metallic content from erosion from alkaline in walls – especially in older properties.  It is available from all good decorators merchants and is a cheap and simple precaution to take with foils in general. 

We always recommend that our clients employ experienced installers who prime and line walls as standard, for a superior finish when hanging any kind of wallpaper


Beware the Moon