Beware the Moon began in 2008 when father and daughter John and Louise Wakefield shared some thoughts on flock velvet skulls.  He with 40 years design experience, she with 10 years as a location photographer and renovations consultant and both with a history of obscure interests from atomic energy, lucite guitars and microlights, to sharks, perfumery and herbal medicine.  In the 80’s they were residents of the rolling Pendle Moors – cradle of the modern wallpaper trade – and still print just down the hill.  The company’s roots are in time-honoured craftsmanship, keeping the wallpaper trade with its feet firmly on the ground…but its head in the clouds

Everything begins with a traditional approach in the studio – hand-drawings, intricate cut-outs, pencils, rubbers and airbrushes. Prototypes go to the print house where specialists are squeezed and urged until delicious wallpaper emerges, pushing the industry’s boundaries and catching the imaginative eye.  We hand printed heavy glitters for the first time in the industry (a process that took months to perfect); blended iridescent pigments that change colour as you walk by; drew detail so relentless that a single design took a year to complete; and we pioneered the holographic undercoats and 3-Dimensional foils now commonplace across the industry.  We won’t mention the endless hair-brained experiments that have yielded nothing but an anti-climax and empty pocket

Underlying everything is an intuitive approach to the environment and local business: it’s a given that our papers are printed by master tradesmen in small batches using water-based inks and sustainable pulp, and that they are dispatched in entirely biodegradable packaging.  We maintain a strong cycle of give-take with the Earth through various private intiatives as the company grows, and £1 for every roll of wallpaper sold goes to The Natural Beekeeping Trust

The first three designs the company launched with form a loose theme of denial {Ostrich} desire {She} and death/rebirth {Skulls}. The 3-Dimensional Foils {Jam Jars and Quantum Foam} then appeared one day out of nowhere to take things to anoter level.  Animals was then born out of 12 months of intricate hand-drawings in pencil – one animal a week! – bringing the brand back down to earth a bit.  Joker and Brainwave were launched in 2017, and Happy Tears is probably on the way soon

We never really know what’s coming next, but our designs will always be thought provoking and beautifully made

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Beware the Moon